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As you wipe the steam off your bathroom mirror, you find yourself face – to – face with huge pink dot on the end of your nose. This is not a good way to begin the week. You give the mirror another wipe with your hand, then get up on your toes and lean over the sink to get a better look.

It’s there all right. But what’s this? When you move your chin up to get a better view, you happen to glimpse a couple of whiteheads sprouting under your bottom lip.

You don’t like this at all. You place one knee up on the sink and press your face close to the mirror, and there in the gully between your nose and cheek, you find a lone blackhead staring back at you. Stunned, you stumble back form the mirror. Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, you place your newly blemished face in your hands. Your thoughts drift back eons to a time of pimple and proms. Rocking back and forth, you wonder: What going on here?

The answer is simple enough: You have acne. Acne may be the scourge of the adolescent years, but it can follow some people into middle age and beyond. “Women can have flare–ups at 25or 35 years old and even older: In fact, my mother was still breaking out when she was 62,”says dermatologist: Acne is really a catchall term for a variety of symptoms such as pimples, whiteheads and blackheads, says professor of dermatologist: “It’s a condition where the pores of the skin become clogged and the person gets inflamed and non-inflamed lesions.

So what’s the cause of all the clogging?

“Chocolate doesn’t cause acne, “says Dr. “Dirty hair or skin doesn’t cause it. Sex, either too much of it or a lack of it, doesn’t cause it either”.

So what does? Heredity – at least of the part.

“Acne is genetic; it tends to turn in families, “says Dr. “It is an inherited defect of your pores”. If both of your parents had acne, three out of four of your brothers and sisters will get it, too. But if your sister is symptom – free whereas your face could be a combat area, bear in mind that different factors will worsen associate skin disorder irruption. “Stress, sun exposure, seasonal changes, and climate can precipitate an acne attack, “says Dr. Certain types of makeup and taking birth control pills can also cause a breakout. “Working women are especially vulnerable. “Says Dr. “they’re prone to lots of stress, plus they tend to wear makeup a lot.” So here’s some blemish – free advice, keeping in mind those who need it the most.

Change Your Makeup

In adult women, makeup is the major factor in the acne outbreaks, “Oil – based makeup is the problem,” says Dr. “the pigments in foundation makeups, rouges, cleansing creams, or night moisturizers aren’t the problem, and neither is the water in the products. It’s just the oil. The oil typically a by-product of fatty acids that are potent than your own fatty acids. Use a non – oil – based makeup if you are prone to acne.

Read the Labels

Cosmetic products that contain lanolin, iso – propyl myristate, sodium lauryl sulfate, laureth – 4, and D & C red dyes should also be avoided. Like oil, these ingredients are too rich for the skin.

Rinse That Rouge

“Wash your makeup off thoroughly every night,” says Dr. “Use a mild soup twice a day and make sure you rinse the soup entirely off your face. Rinsing six or seven times with fresh water should do it.”

Fishing for a Cause

It may sound fishy, but if you are prone to acne, there is at least one who believes that seafood and other foods containing iodine could bring on an attack.

“Iodine is a factor in some people who are prone to acne, “says by that Dr. “Iodine enters the body and mixes into the blood, with the surplus excreted through the oil glands.

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